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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Took the day off pretty much lol

So yesterday I quite literally didn't do a damn thing :)
I was laying in my bed at home and of course I had school in the morning cause I'm a senior in highschool. I get a call at about 5:40 and it was Lindsay, she said she didn't feel to great and that she couldn't go to school. So I decided I would stay home and make her feel better, I talked to her ALL day and we even went to sleep on the phone and woke up at a normal time like all lazy teens do lol.

Yesterday was pretty awesome, this girl from Georgia that my bro is talking to came and visited him for a few days, and well I knew her to because she plays WoW. We all hung out and went eat tacobell and watched cops on tv hahahaha

When they left I called Lindsay back and her and I watched Ghost Stories or w/e on TruTV all night until we decided to go to bed.

Yesterday was just absolutely perfect :)


  1. just sitting home relaxing and not really doing anything is pretty awesome, I should to it more often hahaha

  2. Lindsay is your girlfriend? :(


  3. I wish I could take a day off ._.